Roof Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers

Showing 'em icicles (сосульки) at Herzen University in St. Petersburg, Russia.

What is the best way to keep ice dams that form on my rubber membrane roof from sliding off in the spring?

veganb12 says:

The original built-up roof on my house had enough texture to keep the ice dams from sliding off the slightly pitched roof. I know, ideally, it would be good to have a cold roof to avoid ice dam formation altogether, but I would need to replace...

Tedruski says: They make a plastic Ice breaker that you can glue to the rubber roof. As the ice melts and slides it pushes it up thus making it into smaller harmless pc.s thus no more large sheets of ice falling...

Air conditioner leaking water even hough it is off now?

Angel says:

Ii turned off the air conditioner about three months ago and now have the heater on. But now the air conditioner is leaking water And it's running down the roof of my house. I can't ge up there to look as it is winter and my roof is slanted and...

James B says: Air conditioners don't run on water, they just remove moisture from your indoor air and deposit it outside. Verify that the air conditioner is off -- if it's on seperate breakers from the furnace,...


a look (through 60 spf) at Key West

This post has been around in draft for a while, and today - rainy, cold, cloudy and no phone - seemed like a good time to think about sunshine. My friend DaniBP was wondering what it would be like to live in Key West, Florida, all year round, and since we've been back, I've given that question a lot.


@iamdjmurph remember grinding with me as a YOUNGIN me and thru da roof had him in ice breakers @ 15


The New Encyclopedia of Icebreakers

Reproduced by permission of Pfeiffer, and Imprint of Wiley & Sons.

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Oakland Assigns Just One Cop to Investigate 10,000 Burglaries

That's like trying to solve global warming with a single ice cube. See Also: Confirmed ... "Burglaries have gone up through the roof, and it's got to be stopped," said William Andrews of the Bratton Group, "And the way to do it to assign burglary ...

Renewable energy community fair in Mayur Vihar in Delhi

On the evening of May 5th 2013, in a residential area in Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Greenpeace India and its determined volunteers held a community fair in order to spread awareness about the importance of solar energy and its relevance in today's day and age.

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This lean and captivating adventure about two boys who befriend a wanted man ... resemble all proper kids in the nation of Huck Finn. They run around getting in trouble; soon they are neck-deep in everything – mud, snakes, other people’s crises.

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Great Roof Ice Breakers pictures - |

A few great roof ice breakers pictures I found: Leaf on a Slate Roof Image by andrew.deci Kenmore, Fredericksburg, VA. 005 Image by pitchcoach57 Another view of ...

Good Roof Ice Breakers photos - |

A couple of good roof ice breakers photos I located: Leaf on a Slate Roof Image by andrew.deci Kenmore, Fredericksburg, VA. 005 Image by pitchcoach57

Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers. Snow and ice can quickly become a hazard when it suddenly slides off a fabric roof; our ice breakers add a measure of safety by preventing large chunks ...

Metal Roof Ice Breakers - |

ice dams gutter Gutterglove IceBrearker is a heated gutter guard which melts icicles, snow loads and ice dams on your gutter. No more falling icicles on your head!

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Famous Flyer: Ben Southall I drove around Africa by myself in 2007 for a year, and having a frisbee was a real ice-breaker and the best communication tool with the local kids. What do you always take with you? My little Nikon AW100 Coolpix camera. I try to stay away from social

Belfast architect Dawson Stelfox: the first Irish man to climb Everest 20 ... Gradually it lies against the domed curve of the roof, blocks the phantom light, and weighs down on the lungs." I tell Stelfox it He scales smaller peaks regularly and loved 'ice climbing' in the Mournes during the recent heavy snowfall. The